söndag 6 juni 2010


Skickade ner bilderna på Dagens Nyheters och Aftonbladets grafiska Afrikakartor inför VM i fotboll, till våra goda vänner i Kapstaden. Här kommer svaret från Tania Bownes som också tagit bilderna:
Hi there
Well, South Africa is absolutely brimming with excitement to welcome the world. What a wonderful feeling it is to know we are hosting the first ever African World Cup right here in our country. I have attached 2 photos to show you just how crazy people are going! The tension is mounting and every Friday people are going to work in the yellow and green jerseys of our
team and having soccer Fridays. The kids at school are dressing in flags and having mini tournaments with other schools. It is really great. And the stadiums are looking absolutely beautiful. My car is covered in flags and I have a big blanket across my back seat - the SouthAfrican Flag in full colour!

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