lördag 12 juni 2010


Rapport från Sydafrika:

Hi Bengt
Oh wow, what a fabulous day for South Africa. The cars, the streets lined
with people, the cheering and dancing. We had 11 people crushed into our
tiny little apartment all going crazy yesterday afternoon. What fun it was
and the nation feels so positive and full of joy. As for the Vuvuzelas (the
trumpets) this is Africa and in Africa things will always be a bit messy, a
bit noisy and yes, very crazy! Never normal this side. But we do have
passion here and it is never ever boring. Africa has a very strong heart and
a very strong spirit and that is what attracts people to us over and over

I am off in a moment to teach my "viva Vuvuzela" dance class, featuring
music from many nations around the world. We will wiggle to Mexican music,
rhumba to Brazilian music and laugh to French café music! Have a great day
and thanks for holding thumbs for our nation. Laduma!!!!! (meaning goal). X
x x

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