måndag 5 november 2007



I have been in Cyprus once (1992)......and I never before
and never after, have met so warm and friendly people with
so much hospitallity. ( I have visited 60 countries)
Marios Kourouniades and his family.
He was the distributer of Swedish and Norweigan evening-
papers .
He took care, he showed us the island, and he arranged
dinners and grillparties.
We were a bunch of people taking part, and here are some
pictures from our visit in Cyprus.
Now Marios daughter Ada is the leading lady in the company,
and we still are in connections by e-mail.
Ada is responsible for the distribution of Expressen in
Cyprus, and I will honnor the fantastic family with some
pictures from the island, with love.
From top: Ulla and Marios and his whife
showing us the Cap Grecco area,
Under the small chapel, we found wonderful caves.
A beach party with the Kourouniades family and friends.

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